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KH|Kinky Halitosis

About Us

We are a clan that is devoted to its members and supports Ace Of Spades.We have been together and playing since 0.54.We do not accept people into our clan that are complete  good'e good'es we aren't here to accept people that are jerks either.Our suggestion is if you want to join is to just be yourself and don't act as if you are on top of the world because we don't take that shit.

How we Formed

It started as just a group of high schoolers who played PC games and we discovered Ace Of spades.We liked the game so much that we decided to make a clan.So we went forth with our idea and created KH. We have put a lot of effort into creating and modifying this website so it is suitable for everyone.

What we do
We participate in clan matches and we will soon participate in the leagues.
We kick ass on the battlefield but we make sure we have fun while doing it.We also create mods,signatures,servers,etc.

About The Leader
I am 16 I live in America and I like to play sports mainly football.I am not afraid to express my personality.I will tell you strait up I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.Some of my hobbies are watching movies, playing football,and playing PC games.

  • Rules
  • Do not hack
  • Do not Spam
  • You must GR|GR Give Respect to Get Respect
  • Do not multi clan
  • Do not clan hop
  • Only those with authority may accept or deny applications
  • You must have SWAG

Any breaking of the rules above will result in consequences such as

Being Permanently Banned
Being kicked for 2 weeks
If you do something really bad we have other consequences.


What is your current I.G.N.?:

What is your future I.G.N.(with tag)?:

What is your age(optional)?:

What is your most used weapon?:

About your self:

Why do you want to join?:

What you can contribute?:

How active can you be?:

Can you be active on I.R.C?:

Where will you be more active on our website or B&S forums:

If You apply on our website apply under forums,General Discussion,and create a new topic and apply.We would prefer you to apply on but if you desire to apply here make sure its in the correct place or it won't be counted for.Your new topic name does not matter.



Co-Owner:Fernando V

  • Zachary
  • Codeman
  • Zeus

  • Arnold
  • Yuri
  • Lego mofo

I.R.C. a work in progress
We will also be on Build and Shoot forums soon


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